Exotic Gems

Padparadscha Color Sapphire
Padparadscha Sapphire

As more colorful gemstones become widely available to consumers, the phrase exotic gems have entered the publics' lexicon when speaking about jewelry and gems. But what exactly is an exotic gem, and more importantly, how does one acquire those unusual and very appealing stones?

The phrase exotic gems define those genuine stones that are not part of the general publics' access. There are a number of reasons for this. It might be the difficultly in acquiring certain stones, perhaps even coupled with their scarce availability. They may be new to the industry because their deposit has just recently been uncovered. Or a stone of known variety may present a new color in limited supplies that stirs excitement within the gem world.

For example, most consumers are familiar with ruby or (blue) sapphire, but they may never have heard of the exotic Padparadscha sapphire, recognized by its pink-peach-orange color and has thrilled jewelry lovers and inspired designers. Collecting and wearing exotic gems distinguishes the individual from other jewelry lovers because of the rarity and unusual qualities that these stones possess.

Loretta Castoro is expert in this niche discipline and committed to sharing this knowledge with clients to help them create exciting exotic stone collections, or even to acquire that one special stone which will end up being their signature jewelry item.

Gem groups and retailers are invited to contact Loretta to inquire about her teaching programs for exotic gems. Locate her email address on the Contact Page.

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